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Discover Manila's Finest

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Who is she?

Mabuhay! I’m Clara, a Manila-based upscale and independent companion. From 9 to 5, you can find me at my full-time job in the field of social impact. 
My vocation  has led me to explore much of my home country. Name a place within the Philippines and I’ve probably been there. I’m just as home in the tropical islands of the archipelago as I am in the concrete maze of Metro Manila. I may not be certified, but I’m confident I’m qualified as your private tour guide!

How does she stay busy?

On weeknights, after I’ve watched the sunset from a highrise, you can catch on stuffing my face with sushi, sipping on a classic G&T at the rooftop bar, bathing in neon lights or seeing a show at the most low-key watering holes in the city.
When I’m feeling extra adventurous and brave enough to face Manila traffic, you can I’ll be out checking out the most happening parts of town. There’s alway something brewing out there and I love to be the first few to try it…before the long queue begins.
On weekdays, I like to slow down and start my day with an almost ceremonial big brunch that I made for myself. Trying out how to remix a recipe or whip up my own is my idea of weekend well-spent. I try not to break my streak as a weekly habitue of the Saturday and Sunday Farmers Market in the neighbourhood. On some weekdays I’m feeling extra adventurous, I’ll take walking tours of neighbourhoods I’ve never been before and take sketches or photographs

Why is she here?

I like to think of myself as a 21st century bohemian. You could say being a companion is an unorthodox way of meeting people, but it works. You know how modern dating can be! Being an intimate companion has enabled me to have one-on-one encounters with people from all walks of life, coming from all corners of the world. 
What can I say? My life’s a party and you’re invited.

By the numbers




Dress Size:

Shoe Size:

Star Sign:

34-26-36 in

4ft 9in 145cm

97 lbs 44kg

US 6 UK 10 EU 36

US 6 EU 37 UK 4


Let's Create Our Own Cyber Realm

You venture forward through a lively, blush-coloured portal. You’re immediately met by a charming world. 

A seemingly pristine landscape awaits you and a childish curiosity takes over your mind. This world is definitely gentle, but looks can be deceiving at times.

The conditions in this world are excellent and you can’t wait to explore it all. This world is clearly treacherous, but with so much to discover you can’t help but explore.

Regardless of the horrible conditions of the world you don’t feel a sense of dread or danger. This world is a paradise, but it’s a danger you can handle.

This world is undeniably pleasant, but with great risks come great rewards. The threats of content pirates, doxxers and catfishers are real. I’ve seen it happen.


But, with a bit of luck, an eye for details, and a little creative thinking and your support you know we fulfill this world-building opportunity.

For one-and-a-half dollars a day, you can be one of the founding members of this virtual world. How does Cyber City of Clarendale sound like? Due to economies of scale, there is a steeper entry price to Clarendale compared to other realms.  Hopefully as this little secret online world grows into a healthy community, a discount will be rewarded to its loyal cyber citizens.

Welcome to my ultra exclusive web portal

After a few mini quests, I’ve finally found a place where we can create our own world and be whatever we want to be.


Time is finite but the list of things to do with it are infinite.


The ultimate reason why I am requiring compensation for spending time with you.

For short & sweet meets

Two hours


Dinner, drinks and more


Keep me overnight


I love the rainbow! It’s delightful for me to meet a person (or a couple) from all genders, sexual orientation and abilities. 

Need a travel sidekick?

Yes, I have a passport. But for now, I’d love to be your travel guide within the Philippines. Rates are not inclusive of associated travel costs such as transportation, board and lodging.

24 hours


48 hours


72 hours


Social Date

Per hour

Coffee? Frozen yogurt? That new place? I’m down for platonic dates enjoyed completely in public.



Go on a Park Date with Me!

Physically Distant But Socially Connected

For my safety and yours, the kind of in-person meetup I can offer you right now is physically distant but socially connected. Let's go to a park in Makati or BGC. Health declaration and deposits required.

Donation for my Time

Php 10,000 for 3hrs of social-only park dates.


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